Car Locksmith Miami, Florida: Emergency service available at Lamas Locksmith

Getting in trouble with your car locksmith in Miami? Some things you just can’t predict, but when they happen you have to act fast and stay effective; as the leading locksmith service in Miami Lamas Locksmith offers emergency automobile services around the clock while maintaining an accurate 10 min max response time and affordable prices throughout all hours of the day.

No matter where in Miami you may be, we’ll dispatch a professional mobile locksmith unit to your exact location – Certified Locksmith technician always. Providing commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services and car locksmith services & emergency car lockout – we know an emergency requires a quick, reliable and effecient solution.

In case you’ve locked your keys inside your car and in need of an emergency car lockout -some methods such as, breaking a window or using a metal rod are destructive (and expensive as a result). 

Smart car keys replacement on the spot and motorcycle Keys:

Modern cars come with “smart” keys and remotes programmed specifically to work with your vehicle. Because of the technology built into these keys, getting a spare key made requires the use of a professional locksmith. We can make spare and replacement keys for cars and motorcycles from all of the major manufacturers — often at a fraction of the cost of the dealer.

Our Miami vehicle locksmiths use some patience and:

  • Unlock your car
  • Repair or Replace broken keys in door locks, trunk locks, and ignition switches
  • Smart keys and remotes
  • 24 hours emergency locksmith services
  • Lost Car Keys
  • Stolen Keys
  • Misplaced Vehicle Keys
  • Car keys stuck in the ignition
  • Emergency car lockout services 24/7 in Miami
  • Key Cutting
  • Keys stuck in car door or bonnet
  • Car Key cutting
  • Alarm Systems
  • Spare Car Keys


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