If your concerned about safety and security how could you not, you should rely on a trustworthy professional screened and certified by the miami-dade county of consumer protections with a valid not expired occupational license.Hiring a cheap locksmith you find online could end up costing you a fortune; One day you might find yourself robbed for hiring the wrong people! With todays technology you should deal with well trained and informed locksmith specialist that work to construct and defeat locks. The science and art of locksmithing if it was that easy anyone can do it. In order to properly handle the leading brands’ locks and security systems you really need to get your training directly from the manufacture, only the company who made these locks what they are, can properly train locksmiths to fix & install them accordingly, so they reach their full strength’s potential. You’d be surprised to hear a professional locksmith is highly affordable and all their work is completely insured so in case anything goes wrong- your liability is 0%! Once your locksmith is a certified locksmith his work comes with complete warranty for your locks, your property (doors/ hallways etc.) and of course his well-being. If anything happens you share no liability, and your locks & security systems are 100% insured.


Doesn’t matter if you need a locksmith for your car / home / business – when living in a huge city like Miami you need to make sure you have a trained professional working with you 24/7. It’s not only great to be prepared for emergencies but also making sure you know who’s handling your locks, you know it’s a reliable professional, you know you can call day and night and get the best service without worrying about someone taking advantage of your current situation and overpricing when there’s no other option around.  

Today’s security market offers endless options and products – Lamas Locksmith offers free estimates at our office or right at your location where you wish to have your new installation! We offer warranty and gurantee on all new installations and hardware!

The good thing about smart locks and innovative security systems is they stand the test of time so you really don’t need to worry about replacing and updating each year. However, if you noticed your security system is getting weaker / your locks are not as strong as they use to / a lot of people have free access to your property – it might be a good thing to check with one of our experts and see what they have to offer. 

It does not matter if you are in kendall, Homestead or Aventura we are 10 minutes away. Give us a call at your best convenience we are available 24/7 for any Emergency Locksmith all around Miami.

Sure we work with most modern and advanced access control available today in the market.

Complete Automobile, Residential and Commercial Locksmith in Miami.

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