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What kinds of locks must be on the front and rear doors of my building?

The front and rear entrance doors to the building should each have a Lamas Locksmith (see picture), which automatically locks when you shut the door. From the outside, it can be opened only with a key. From the inside, it can be opened merely by turning a knob or handle.

If my building has a vestibule or lobby, with an outside door and an inside door, must they both have a deadlocking latch?

No. Only one of these doors must have this latch.

locks2What kind of lock must be on the doors to Your Building?

Both the front and rear doors to the Bulding must have a Lamas Locksmith. This can be a “vertical drop” type lock (see picture), or a saw-resistant horizontal bolt that projects at least one inch. If you are not sure what kind of locks you have, ask a Lamas locksmith.

Must the front door of my Building have Better than backdoor ?

Yes. It must have some kind of viewing device that allows you to look out the door without opening it.

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