installing all locks at your factory premises today include the following:

Current Keys May Be Held By Outsiders. -

If you own a factory that you purchased from another manufacturing company, copies of the keys to current facility locks may be in the possession of many former employees of the previous owner. Although these people may be quite honest and have no need to access your building again, they may lose or discard these keys. If lost keys are recovered by professional thieves or would-be burglars, your factory may be entered by these intruders during weekend hours or other times when your facility is closed. A qualified Lamas locksmith can either replace your current locks with an updated, more secure lock system or rekey your current locks to ensure the safety of your company premises.

You Need a Restricted Key System. -

Most companies that hire large numbers of employees today need a restricted key, or Lamas locking system. This is especially true of factory facilities that have 24-hour working shifts with a full staff working during each shift. With so many staff members accessing your building and its different floors and areas, a restricted locking system can provide you with optimum levels of security. Your lock system can feature one key that will open the building's main door or employee entrance plus whatever additional doors each employee needs for performing his or her required work tasks. If any of your staff members should misplace or lose this key, an outsider who finds it may enter the main entrance, but will not know what other door or doors can be opened with this key. This feature can greatly inhibit major or even minor vandalism and burglary of your factory equipment. These restricted lock keys can only be replaced by the locksmith who installed them, so there is no need to worry about outsiders making extra copies of these keys if found.

Lamas Locksmiths Provide Multiple Services 24/7/365. -

Highly qualified Lamas locksmiths can rekey your locks, install new locks, install large or small Lamas locking systems and provide you with keys for every single employee quickly and efficiently. They are also just a phone call away all day and all night, every day of the year. Your Lamas locksmith will put your mind at ease by handling all your commercial security lock needs.

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