Needing Locksmith service on the road? We offer Roadside Assistance all over Miami and surrounding cities.

Some numbers that you keep on the back of your head just to be prepared – whatever happens! None of us can predict an emergency, which is why most SOS services cost twice the price. as & iacute; that here There is a free suggestion &  "Do not wait for the unexpected to surprise you, keep Lamas Locksmith on your phone and when the time comes we are here. to wait with the best locksmiths that Miami offers! 

You can try to wave by hand or ...

You always have the option to call your dealer and waste long hours waiting for the right answer, or you can call a certified locksmith and have a cup of coffee. while we handle everything you need to handle.

All of our services come with a full warranty, our locksmith is a certified locksmith and certified installers. Our extensive experience in Miami is the reason why we are always prepared for anything. Our roadside services include:

  • Cutting the car key
  • Duplications of the car key
  • Auto door reconnection
  • Power-on re-keying
  • Auto door reconnection
  • Auto Locks
  • Recovering locked keys in the auto


Complete Automobile, Residential and Commercial Locksmith in Miami.

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