How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Locksmith in Kendall, Florida?

When you are living in a city like Kendall with a high traffic at any time of the day, if you are in need of a profesional Kendall Locksmith you will need to make sure you will hire the one that is going to help you with your situation.

Most of the time when you are in need of Locksmith services this can not wait. Lets talk about different situations where you can not wait.

Case 1.

Lets say you are in your car, you bought a lot of food in walmart and you lost your car keys, the only one you got. So in this situation if you do not move fast with an expert car locksmith or you will loose all your food, and a lot of time. 

But what about the price in this situation. Locksmith profesional will charge you to much to get the service done fast.

It will not happen with a company like Lamas Locksmith where you will get you service done for a very affordable price not matter the time not matter the situation you could be facing.

Case 2. 

Lets say you spent a lot of years trying to get your house beautiful, and your bought adorns,  very expencie mueble, equipments, very expensive clothers and for some reason you forgot to get a house insurance. You have an interview for a new job opportunity, and moving out you realize you lost your keys. Will you go leaving your house opened? 

Only a fast and profesional Locksmith guy will save your skin in this weird situation.

So many situations can taske you to need a good locksmith.


Lets know about the locksmith cost in Kendall, Florida.


  • The National Locksmith Average is around $150.
  • Normal Locksmith Ransge cost goes from $96 to $210
  • Low End cost around $50
  • While High End it is not lower than $350


Tips on Hiring a Locksmith

The cost to hire a locksmith is about $153 on average, though you might pay anywhere from $96 and $210 depending on what kind of locksmith service you need. Some tips to keep in mind when hiring a locksmith are:

  • Some locksmiths advertising locally may not be local at all or they may not have professional training. What's more, some of them may use intimidating tactics and overcharge you. If a company answers the phone with a generic phrase like "locksmith services," rather than a company-specific name, be wary. Ask for the legal name of the business. If the person refuses, call another locksmith.
  • Call three to four locksmiths to get accurate rates. Detail the problem and what you think needs to be done.
  • Interview the locksmith. Ask about their training, previous jobs, if they’re insured and any additional charges.
  •  They shouldn’t just install locks and pick ones. They should also know about biometric security and other advanced systems.
  • If you’re locked out, be wary if the locksmith wants to drill and replace. A good locksmith knows how to unlock almost any door.
  • If you're locked out of your car, call roadside assistance first if you have it. There are plans with a list of pre-approved locksmiths to unlock cars.

Here are some common situations where you might need to hire a locksmith, and what you need to consider before giving them your business.


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